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Thank you for your interest in our 2023 event. Registration to the technical event has now closed and we no longer accept new registrations.

Please note there will be NO on-site registration options during the event. You can still register for lodging on-site (Hotel registration is still open).

Final Paper due date: December 4th.

Our 2024 event is tentatively scheduled for Oct. 27-30, 2024. We hope you will be able to join us then.

We are done with the SPC and the panel has selected the top 3 papers to receive the awards. The quality of the papers was very high and the students gave very good presentations indeed. It was not an easy task to choose the winners but the top 3 impressed us a bit more than the others. The winners were found by voting for the short list and then detailed discussions to pick the top three. Thousand thanks to our brilliant panel members for their hard work, reading all the papers and asking very good questions and even providing new ideas to the presenters!

1st prize
Paper 1284
A Vibrational Radar Backscatter Communication Experimental Testbed
Jessica Centers and Jeff Krolik

2nd prize
Paper 1320
Universal MIMO Jammer Mitigation via Secret Temporal Subspace Embeddings
Gian Marti and Christoph Studer

3rd prize
Paper 1221
Optimal SDNR Digital Predistortion via Direct Inversion
Luis Godoy, Andres Villamil, Emil Matus, Gerhard Fettweis

Dear colleague,

As we are starting to prepare for the Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers 2023, we would like to share our current planning efforts.

As some of you may be aware, our 2022 event was centered around a virtual component complemented by a scaled-down on-site component. Post-meeting survey feedback showed that participants valued the on-site event and were interested in moving back to an on-site event. We heard you and are planning along these lines.

What does this mean for your 2023 planning?

  • There is no virtual component planned for the 2023 event.
  • The 2023 event will be held only in an on-site format from Oct. 29 thru Wed. Nov. 1, 2023 at the Asilomar Conference Grounds, Pacific Grove, CA, USA.
  • Submissions will be accepted starting March 31, 2023. All submissions must be received by May 1, 2023. Please see specific details in the call for papers
  • The Asilomar Conference Grounds are a CA-State-owned facility and must adhere to all State constraints. We do not foresee the conference grounds to close its facilities at this time (as it did in 2020). However, there is always the slight chance it may do so. Any interested participant should consider this issue when making travel arrangements.
  • All on-site attendees will be required (i) to strictly adhere to COVID-19 health and safety protocols in place at the time of the event, and (ii) to sign a release form and waiver of claims. Masks could be required in indoor settings.

Conference Presentation/Publication Policy

The proceedings of the Asilomar conference are meant to be a written record of the presentations provided at the conference. In other words, these proceedings are not a medium for general publication of scientific results; rather, they serve a more specific and narrow purpose which is to summarize the discussions that occurred during the Conference.

It is the long-term Conference policy to restrict publication in the proceedings to papers which were presented live at the conference by one of the registered authors of the paper who is physically present at the conference. There is no exception to this policy.

No more than 4 papers (combination of invited and regular) papers per author or co-author will be accepted for presentation at the conference or published in the proceedings.

The conference executive committee and IEEE reserve the right to exclude a final paper submission from inclusion in the conference proceedings, if the final paper submission does not meet conference or IEEE standards for scope and/or quality.

The Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers is a yearly Conference held on the Asilomar Grounds in Pacific Grove, CA, USA. The IEEE Signal Processing Society is a technical co-sponsor. It provides a forum for presenting recent and novel work in various areas of theoretical and applied signal processing.

General areas of interest to the forum include:

  • Architecture and Implementation
  • Array Signal Processing
  • Biomedical Signal & Image Processing
  • Communication Systems
  • MIMO Communications & Signal Processing
  • Networks
  • Signal Processing & Adaptive Systems
  • Speech, Image & Video Processing

Recent meetings have presented a wide array of work ranging from results in blind source separation, random networks, MIMO communications, low dimensional signal models to applications of signal processing in control, wireless communications, financial engineering, smart grids, biological systems, medical imaging, and big data.